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Stop Eviction – Take the city, demonstration and initiative all over Europe


stopevictiontakethecityThe week of action “Stop Eviction, Take the City” across several cities in Europe.
It ‘s just a small first step of many collectives and movements that are organized on a daily basis for the right to housing and the right to the city and are betting on the fact that in Europe, Mediterranean area and in world, it is possible to develop a movement that exceeds boundaries and claiming the right to housing and to the city. The social question of the house is one of the nodes useful to recompose with the complexity of social figures crushed by the crisis through practical solidarity and mutual aid. In the struggle for the conquest of the concrete needs you can build a social opposition in the permanent crisis. A social movement that speaks the language of our multicultural metropolis refusing Racism.

Read the call came out of the meeting that was held in June in Milan.

Throughout Italy the week of mobilization is crossed by marches and demonstrations, in particular the day of “social strike” of the # 16 October and several events on October 18. Demonstrations will be held in Milan, Turin, Bolonia, Rome, ParmaLivorno and many other cities. The “social strike” of the # 16 October will also be national strike of the logistics industry.

In London there will be a mobilization Anti-MIPIM. The movements for the right to housing (from different European countries) will meet at the international forum of Real Estate, where public bodies, associations of builders and real estate professionals gather to share the cake of real estate speculation and speculation financial. Stay tuned about the three days of protests in London.

In Athens during an action movements and his companions have a banner for claiming the right to housing in the city center.

In BerlinToo many trouble not enough rage! demo against rising rents, displacement of poor people, racist discrimination and forced evictions.
Demonstration: 18/10/14   14h @Herrfurthplatz, Berlin
During the next weeks there will be different actions – like film showings, manifestations,  discussions and information events, a video manifestation, observation of a trial in court and rallies through a district to make aware of displacement. Stay tuned in the website of the League Against Evictions zwangsraeumungverhindern. and

In Paris the inhabitants organised with “Droit Au Logement” occupied a gym to express some request on housing rights and to denounce with rage the inhumanity of eviction after the suicide of a man threated to eviction. Read more here.

In Madrid, the PAH is organizing the campaign Judgment and Punishment (trial and punishment) to report the perpetrators of financial fraud in Spain. On October 18 there will be a demonstration, as part of the campaign of the European Week of mobilization in front of Deutsche Bank, Paseo de la Castellana 18 Madrid

In Bucarest Frontu Comun Pentru Dreptul la Locuire will participate in demonstration with initiative of protest and denounce.

Living in the Crisis ebook


livinginthecrisis_copertina_ebookIn June 2014 in Milan have met a dozen networks and collectives throughout Europe, engaged in the struggle for home and claim the right to the city.
An important, but also a starting point to give breath to a European struggle which becomes daily more urgent since the start of the second major economic crisis in the history of capitalism.
These networks and these grassroots political organizations have a shared perspective on the continent and on the global stage but not limited to the housing problem.
The meeting ènato sharing real experiences, which developed around the conquest of houses, through campaigns, claims, squat. It was immediately clear that many of the most important issues that cross Europe are irrevocably linked to the possibility of having a roof over your head, to stop the unnecessary consumption of land, to fight real estate speculation and finally to live freely and cooperate in their metropolis.
We chose to collect the speeches of the meeting in an ebook, to collect this time in a snapshot, make sure that must travel a long road and many roads to sprire space of possible alternative in our continent and the world. Unpretentious, this meeting has opened a way that ntendiamo go together, starting with the mobilization for the right to housing and income which will be held in the week between 13 and 18 October in Europe.



PDF – Ebook_Living_In_The_Crisis.pdf

EPUB – download

MOBILE – download

Living in the Crisis: final Statement and call for Actions


Here the final statement of the Meeting of the resistant territories in Europe and in the Mediterranean, a Transnational Meeting of the struggle for the right to housing and income and experiences of mutual aid.

[EN] Read the english text – We are activists and movements from European and Mediterranean area, meeting in Milan from  June 13th to June 15th, in order to build a network of the struggles for housing right for everybody and for the right to the city. Aware that the situations in our countries are different, we believe that the struggle is the same…

[ES] Lea el texto en espanol – Somos activistas y movimientos de Europa y del area Mediterranea. Nos encontramos en Milán el 13 y el 15 de Junio para crear una red de las luchas por el derecho a una vivienda digna y por el derecho a la ciudad. Sabemos que las situaciones en nuestros paises son diferentes, pero la lucha es la misma..

[IT] Leggi il testo in italiano – Siamo attivisti e movimenti dell’area europea e mediterranea, riunitisi a Milano dal 13 al 15 giugno,  per costruire una Rete delle lotte per diritto alla casa per tutti e per il diritto alla città. Consapevoli che le situazioni nei rispettivi paesi sono diverse, noi crediamo che la lotta sia la stessa..

[DE] Lesen Sie Text in Deutsch – Wir sind Aktivist*innen und Bewegungen aus Europa und dem Mittelmeerraum, die sich vom 13. bis 15. Juni in Mailand getroffen haben, um ein Netzwerk zu den Kämpfen um Wohnraum für Alle und Recht auf Stadt aufzubauen. Wir haben festgestellt, dass die Situation in den jeweiligen Ländern verschieden ist, doch der Kampf der selbe.

[FR] Lire le texte en français – Nous sommes des activistes des mouvements de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée, qui se sont réunis à Milan de 13 à 15 juin, dans le but de construire un réseau de luttes pour le droit au logement. Conscients du fait que les situations dans nos pays sont différentes, nous pensons que la lutte soit la même.

[TR] Türkçe olarak metni okuyun Bizler, herkes için konut ve şehir hakkını savunmak üzere bir mücadele ağı oluşturmak için 13­ 15 Haziran tarihlerinde Milan’da toplanmış, Avrupa ve Akdeniz bölgesinden aktivistler ve hareketleriz. Ülkelerimizdeki durumların farklı ama mücadelemizin aynı olduğuna inanıyoruz

[PL] Przeczytaj tekst w języku polskim Jestesmy aktywistami i czlonkami ruchów spolecznych z obszarów Europy i obszarów Morza Sródziemnego. Spotkalismy sie w Mediolanie miedzy 13 a 15 czerwca 2014 roku, by dac poczatek sieci, która przysluzy sie naszej dalszej walce o sprawy lokatorskie oraz prawo do miasta